Let’s say you are concerned that your roof is damaged after a weather event. You know that circumstances like that are exactly why you pay for home insurance. But do you know how to go about working with your insurance provider to get your roof repaired or replaced?

The process can feel overwhelming. The good news is that several of us here at Armour have worked as insurance adjusters and inspectors, so we are able to help you navigate this process. Here’s what you’ll do:

First, give us a call as soon as you realize your roof may be damaged. Some insurance policies include clauses about filing a claim within a certain timeframe, so beginning the process sooner than later is important. We will come to your property to inspect and let you know if there is damage. Filing a claim with your insurance company when you don’t have any damage could negatively impact your premium, so allowing us to check your roof first could save you money down the road.

If we do find damage, your next step is to file a claim with your insurance provider. You can do this over the phone or online. You’ll be asked about details such as the date the storm occurred.

Next, your insurance adjuster will reach out to schedule an inspection of your roof. We’ll attend that inspection so we can share extensive storm data and an assessment of the damage we found. We will make sure the insurance adjuster is aware of each material that needs to be repaired or replaced. Based on the inspection and data available, the adjuster will decide if the damage meets the insurance company’s criteria to be covered by your policy.

If the adjuster decides the damage is covered by your policy, a Team Armour rep will provide you with a contract that outlines the scope of work. Typically we’re able to get the insurance company to match our estimate. Once you sign, our team can get to work protecting your home!

You won’t need to pay us a dime until you receive payment from your insurance company. And remember, your Team Armour project manager will be there with you each step of the way.