When it comes to installing Christmas lights on your house, our recommendation is to hire professionals! Without the proper ladder or equipment, you can easily damage not only the shingles on the rakes and eaves of your home, but also the drip edge flashing as well.
However, we know that professional installation isn’t always in the budget. If you do plan to install holiday lights yourself, we’ve prepped a list of suggestions to ensure your lights can be enjoyed safely all season long. We want you to avoid any trips to the emergency room or visits from the fire department!
  • Wear roofing shoes such as Cougar paws when getting on and off the roof
  • Use ladder stand-offs to ensure you aren’t damaging the roofing system
  • Use outdoor-specific lights and outdoor-specific extension cords, which are made to withstand moisture and cold temperatures
  • Check for cracked or frayed cords, wires poking through the insulation, and sockets without bulbs
  • Schedule the lights on a timer and set them to turn off for several hours a day
  • Use non-LED lights, which can become hot to the touch
  • Extend your body further than parallel with the ladder when hanging lights
  • Install the lights with nails or staples. Instead, use light clips (available at any hardware store) to attach the lights to the house
  • Purchase any lights that don’t have the UL seal on the box. This seal signifies that the lights meet the American National Standards Institute’s safety requirements
  • Connect more than three strands of lights together, which can overwork an outlet
We hope this list helps, and we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!